Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dashica's Beauty Big Image Plate SdP-A

Hello everyone! Today I have a review of Dashica's Beauty SdP Big image plate A. If you're not familiar with Dashica's Beauty, it's the same owner as Shirley's Nail-Art & Water Decals. Yes, the lady with the cute image plates. Shirley introduces 7 new plates with 42 designs. Here are a few of the mani's I've done using plate A.

The swirl image is one of my favorite designs. It's a like a water marble without the mess. For the base color I used Finger Paints Aren't You Glad-iolouis topped off with Konad white.

There's also a Hello Kitty image. I stamped with white, then filled in HK's head, then stamped again with Konad blue. The base colors are Zoya Sweet & Color Club Take me to Your Chateau.

I also tried Hello Kitty in black.

A full heart design. I used China Glaze Something Sweet & Emotion . The lighting is bad in this pic and makes the image appear faded. It also stamped well.

A closer view to show details.

As you can see, the image plate works very well. Its about 8x6 inches and has 42 designs. Some of them are duplicates to allow you to stamp mirror images. The designs are larger than Konad & BM's, so it's great if you have large-r nails. I usually have to stamp my thumbs twice with Konad plates, but these are large enough to cover my entire thumb.

The images are pretty, feminine and offers a good variety. I like that most of them are full nail designs with a few French tips (half-designs). The plate stamps similar to Konad's and I had no issues with stamping or image transfer.

This is a sample plate, but the original plates will have 2 holes that allow you to organize them in a ring binder. I almost forgot Shirley added a cute little plastic/paper backing to the plate.

Plate size comparison. Konad, large plate & SdP big plate.

View of the sample plate. The actual plate will have two holes so that you can store them in a ring binder.
Close-ups of the designs. (Click to enlarge)

You can find the Big SDP plates and other Nail Art supplies at Dashica's Beauty Shop. She also posts updates and new arrivals on blog Shirley's Beauty Nails. The plate retails for 15,99 euros, about $22 US dollars.

~The above plate was sent to me for review~


  1. Gorgeous manicures! I love that lilac shade with the white.

  2. These are all such pretty manicures, I love them all! The heat image is sooo cute :-) I think I'll be adding this plate to my wishlist!

  3. I'm really jealous. If you knew how much I LOVE hello kitty.. I'm just crying right know LOL I love your nail art, is beautifull!!

  4. Whoah, the big plate is $22?? If it is then thats awesome, because i tried to get a big plate from Konad, and it was $200... too expensive. Anyway, so the big plate is $22??

  5. OMG first manicure is soooooo pretty, and pink one with hearts is my fav. ♥

  6. I checked the Big XL plates and they are gorgeous, I wonder how much they charge to ship to the US.

  7. @ThaKitty. I'm a hello kitty fan also, that's why i did two HK mani's :)

    @Kelly. The SdP-A plate is not as large as the Konad demo plates. The SdP plate has 42 designs but the Konad plate has 260+ designs. Yes, the plate is 15,99 euros, which converts to about $22 US dollars, but this may vary slightly according to the exchange rate.

    @Ivana & Nicole. Thanks ladies! I'm a pink fan as well.

    @Toyomi. Thank you :)

  8. Enamel Girl: Oh ok, thanks for letting me know(: Also, are the images made up of 1 image and then a "mirror"
    version of it?? Because it looks like it is.... just curious, lol O.o

  9. That looks so good *drools everywhere*

  10. The manis are so pretty!
    Love the big plates :)

  11. Lovely review, you did it amazing!
    Also I am in love with you Hello Kitty Nail-Art!

  12. I like the hearts you stamped over the pink base color. :)

  13. Thanks so much ladies!!! Hope you're having a great Monday :)

    @Kelly there are 14 mirror images.

  14. AWESOME!!! ring binder storage! Man oh man I want this! Love that first mani so much!

  15. You've got a award awaiting for for you on my blog

    /Hugs xxx

  16. Each manicure is gorgeous. I just love pink and hearts so that will be my favorite.

  17. Here I am again! But this time just to let ya know I awarded you some things on my blogs! <#

  18. This stamping is amazing. I really need to find some more plates.

  19. @Pam. Thanks so much!

    @Constantly. I just checked out your blog but I can't figure out how to post a comment, lol.

    @Lucy. You're too kind. Thank you :)

    @SarahLouise. Thanks so much for the award!!!

    Thanks so much Ladies. Have a great Holiday!

  20. I have the same question as Troy please message me if you know the answer :-D

  21. i have been trying to order the same plates from the same website for days can u help me please i dont understand Dutch PLEASE HELP??????????????????????

  22. PLEASE HELP ME??????IV been trying to order the same plates same people dont know DUTCHhow do u order them

  23. @Dianna sorry for the slow response. If you click on the "contact us" button you can email Shirley. It will go through in English but I believe she's fluent in English and will respond to your email. Let me know if that doesn't work.

    @Troy and La Professionelle. As far as I know they are only made by Shirley and she's not in the US. Her shipping prices are pretty reasonable though.

  24. How much did you end up paying for shipping?

    1. I just bought two plates from them. You can email them at and someone will answer you in english about ordering. The plates are like $22 USD each, I got two and the shipping was $16 USD! So for two plates plus shipping, it came to $60. I dont know what the shipping would be if you only ordered one, but the plates are all so beautiful it might be worth it to order more than one.

      (BTW, I Got BIG SdP D and Sdp N and I am very happy with them!)

      The only problem is tracking. The links they sent me NEVER worked correctly, were only in Dutch and it was worried they wouldn't arrive. After about three weeks, my plates came and they are BEAUTIFUL!! If i could afford it I would have ordered more (make the most of the costly shipping and the wait time)

      The company was realyl good about answering my emails. Always helpfula nd within a day or so, they got back to me!



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