Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Color Club Fractured Collection 2011 Swatches, Part 1

Color Club introduces their new Fractured Collection, featuring 6 colors: white, silver, black, fuchsia, blue and gold. Each polish creates a fractured texture on the nail similar to crackle polish. Today I'll share the first 3 from the collection.

Clean Break. A bright white cream. I topped it over Essence Sun Dancer. I really love the way this one breaks into big chunks similar to Graffiti polishes. My favorite of the three.

Broken Tokens. A silver foil over Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. This one is slightly sheer but allows enough contrast for the silver color to dominate.

Smash Hit. A black cream layered over Your Royal Shine-ness. I used one thick coat here.

Fracture skittles mani. I was so excited when I received these I immediately put them over my current mani, China Glaze Peechy Keen stamped with China Glaze emotion. Here you can notice how Smash Hit fractures when a thinner coat is used.

So that's the first half of the collection. I used one thick coat for all of the polishes. They fractured within seconds and dried matte. For bigger cracks apply a thicker coat and for smaller cracks apply a thinner coat.

The polishes are thinner than the crackle polishes I've used in the past. The consistency of the formula allowed me to have more control of the brush strokes. I was able to polish a complete nail without the polish drying before I got to the other side of the nail. Clean Break was the standout for me because of the large chunks. I really like the dramatic effect and how well you can see the base color under the fractured polish.

Overall I think Color Club did a great job with the formula because its a nice consistency which allows you to have good brush control, but I would have loved too had seen more unique colors. Perhaps my love for color will be satisfied with the second half of the collection.


  1. I love these!! Even though I already have a black and I white shatter, I love the way these look!

  2. I really love how the white one looks :D

  3. love the silver one!!! epecially knowing that the formula is thinner than any other crackle

  4. Where are the results of giveaway?

  5. I love the white one... all look amazing though! :)

  6. I like the first one the most! :)

  7. wow I love how the white cracks! may have to get it because the china glaze one sucked for me.

  8. I love Color Club - I am going to have to get these. They're so pretty. I love the crackle polishes too but don't own any, I haven't had any since the Cover Girl crackle polishes in the 90's. (I know. Crazy.)

  9. @Red, lol. I have one of the Cover Girls too. I found it at the Dollar Store (ha ha)

    @Oliva. Sorry it didn't work for you. They seem to work best over opposite colors.

    @Kelly. Thank you.

    @Metropolitan. Very soon!

    Thanks for the sweet compliment. Hope you're having a great week!



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