Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat & Essence Nail Stickers

On my way home from Ulta I spotted the new Sally Hansen crackles at Walgreens. I would have gotten a close up but the sales lady was starring at me, lol. They were $6.99.

Click to Enlarge

I also FINALLY found the Essence nail stickers at ULTA. I've been looking for these girls since last year when I read a post by an International Blogger. The designs appear to be different than the original ones released. I hope I can get some good wear out of them. The package states you can wear them up to five days. They were priced at $2.49 and there's a separate nail file you can purchase to shape them for $1.99.

I choose the stickers with that I couldn't duplicate with Konad/fauxnad and the purple crackle, Vintage Violet 02. I'll go back for more crackles when the BOGO sale hits.
I'm still wearing my blue mani but here are some quick swatches of Vintage Violet over Silver, Yellow, Orange-Yellow, Mint, Pink, Orange and Baby Blue.
Thanks for reading! More swatches to come :)


  1. I can't wait to nab those SH crackles!!!!

  2. definitely want that gold crackle! and definitely gonna keep an eye out for the essence stickers!

  3. Thanks for the investigative reporting LOL. I like the SH bottles!

  4. i want the gold, blue and red ones, maybe the silver too, not sure. Thanks for the great post!

  5. oh yay! more crackles!

  6. It looks gorgeous over mint!

  7. I thought the crackles didn't come out until June! Awesome!

  8. @Caneriva. That's what I thought as well.

  9. These SH Crackles are definitely fun, but nothing like OPI's shatter and China Glaze Crackles. I found the brush much smaller which made the application much thinner. I love the colors though. I have the Distressed denim.



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