Monday, May 2, 2011

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection Swatches + Silver Shatter

Hey Guys! I know I'm supposed to be studying for finals but I just couldn't resist playing with the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection! I've been looking forward to them all winter long and after a crazy weekend and weird final; I came home to find them at my doorstep. Talk about a mood enhancer. Anyways here are some quick swatches. Enjoy :)

Skull & Glossbones. Light grey/taupe. This one was thicker than I expected with a very smooth application. Two thick coats are all that was needed.

Stranger Tides
. Light, dusty army-green that was popular this past season. This one was thinner than the others but also had a smooth application. I used 3 coats. A surprise favorite.

Steady As She Rose. Light dusty purple. This one was a little goopy and needed 3 coats.

Sparrow Me The Drama. Dusty pink/rose cream. I used 3 thin coats. Another favorite.

Planks A Lot. Muted purple, almost a jelly. Two coats. I didn't notice it was see through until I went outdoors, sorry about that. I wonder how similar this is to Butter London's Scoundrel. I almost ordered it this weekend, but now I'm glad I didn't. My favorite from the collection!

Mermaid Tears. Beautiful dusty green, less lime than Damone Roberts. A unique shade to my stash. Three coats.

Silver Shatter. I heard this one applied differently from Black Shatter, but I applied it the same way - one thick coat. Just like Black Shatter, you get more defined cracks over a top coat. My polish of choice was Poshe. Silver Shatter is not as transparent as I thought it would be, but it's still beautiful. The color reminds me of LA Colors Live but it's slightly darker.

Although I haven't seen the movie, I can see where OPI got their inspiration. The first half of the collection reminds me of "Pirates" with the dusty greys & greens. But I'm glad they decided to mix things up a bit and throw in a few pastels. I guess that's where the "Caribbean" part of the collection comes from.

Overall the polishes applied quite well. They were thicker than I expected, although a couple of them still needed 3 coats. They collection is all creams, so there could be some possible dupes out there. My favorites are Sparrow Me the Drama, Mermaid Tears, Stranger Tides & Planks a Lot.

Silver Shatter is gorgeous in person and applied similarly to Black Shatter, although the formula is thinner. It's very stunning in person if you like foils.

Thanks for looking. I have to get back to studying for my final tomorrow. Wish me luck!!! Oh and I probably won't post anything until Thursday or Friday when my finals end, unless I get a surprise burst of energy. Have a great week!

* The above polishes were sent to me for review *


  1. oh no - lemmmmmmmmmm (perfect swatches!)

  2. stranger tides and mermaid tears are my favourites :-D
    lovely collection :-)

  3. I want them all, la la la.

  4. gorgeous swatches!!! and your nails are so pretty :)

  5. I love this collection! Great swatches, :)

  6. great collection! and i really like the silver shatter better than black shatter

  7. OMG!!
    I came here thinking I wouldn't lose my head over this collection but now I think I'm in love! Damn!!

    Lovely nails!

  8. Beautiful collection!!! Where do you buy your opi? I think scull and crossbones are my favorite

  9. Huuuhuuuuuuuuhhhuuu I ordered mini collection today, I am in a hurry !! love this collection & I am waiting for it since a long time now !!!

  10. Aaargh, I LOVE THIS COLLECTION!! It's so cute, I love the colors! But it hasn't arrived in my local OPI shop yet...Just can't wait anymore *w*!

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  12. WOW WOW!!
    I want them all!
    What a lovely swatches, and your nails are so beautyful!

  13. I like a lot of these, but I'm still not convinced this was the best set of colors to represent PotC.

  14. i swear by opi! this is such a great collection! :)

  15. I want them all! I think mermaid tears is my favourite.

  16. Homg, I want these so bad! Your nails are an inspiration, I need to stop biting into mine. xD

  17. They're all so pretty, I must have them!



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