Thursday, October 28, 2010

Black Crack Polish

Just a quick post to share my NOTD. This is BK Crack polish over WnW Sunnyside. I like how it turned out with the subtle cracks, but I also like the dramatic cracks of the Graffiti polishes. I received a few crack polishes as part of a swap with Thriszha. Thanks lady.

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  1. Very cool. I am wanting to get my hands on some of these so bad

  2. Do have this nail polish from Thriszha as well and i like it too :) awesome cracking effect!

  3. So Cool!.
    I hope China Glaze or Orly can come with affordable crackle, and magnetics here in US :), so we all can enjoy the new trends.

  4. i love this crack polish and i also want to try the graffiti polishes.. XD

    happy halloween sweety,.,,

  5. Great combination; the Sunnyside is strong enough to really shine through the cracks.

  6. I think they both look cool.
    This one kinda looks like rubber. c:

  7. Thanks sweet ladies.

    @Arie. I know what you mean. I've been seeing a lot of great polishes that are not available in the US or at least not in the US yet (Essence metals, Alessandro, Nail Stickers, etc..). The only US vendor that I know about that sales crack polishes is Transdesign.

    @AnnKiins. I agree. It kinda reminds me of patent leather. I wasn't sure if I was suppossed to put a top coat on it or not.

  8. this cool, i want to try crack polishes ><

  9. Hey thanks for the scoop ;).
    When my wallet it's a little fatter, I think I will give them a try ^_^.



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