Sunday, July 25, 2010

Floral & Teal Mani

I'm in the process of organizing my nail polish today. We'll, I've been trying to organize it for weeks now with no luck. I originally purchased about 10 clear plastic bins, because I wanted to see the polish. But since Michael's had a clearance sale I snatched up a Melmer. I'll be putting it together later today.

I want to try to organize by color instead of brand. I think I have a lot of similar colors, so this will help to alleviate dupes, allow me to select colors faster and hopefully speed through my untrieds (which is massive). I think I need a Melmer for my untrieds alone :)

Anyways, today I wanted to share another foil with you. It's transparent so whatever polish color you select will show through. I choose white.
The full foil mani may be a bit much for most. But it's great as an accent nail. Here it is featured with Essie Turquoise & Caicos.

(indirect light)

(direct sunlight)


  1. This is great ! I love that pastel floral look, it's lovely :)

  2. I love your foiling, you are so good. I have loads of foil I bought years ago. The glue has dried up and the shopping channel I got it from does not do it anymore! Can you advice where I could get the glue for the foils? THanks.
    Your nails are fab btw:)

  3. Amazing design!!!

  4. I love it. Really very pretty.

  5. This is gorgeous! Turquoise & Caicos is one of my favs, this just makes it even better!

  6. Where did you get this foil?! It's gorgeous!

  7. Thanks so much ladies :)

    Pkbmum you can buy it from Transdesign and I occasionally see it on Ebay. I bought mine from but you have to buy at least $25 in products.

    Gina I love T&C too. It's such a feminine color.

    Brittanyhocakel I got them from and they sell through Ebay. I checked on nail glue when I ordered and they were not sure when they would have it in stock again. I had no problems with them except I got the wrong camouflage color (green instead of pink).

  8. Oh my Lord! This is so amazingly pretty!

  9. Wow, what a great design! I didn't even realize there were "see through" foils.

    I want to reorg my stash by color, too, but haven't managed to get a block of time big enough to do it.

  10. Your nails are gorgeous. I so need to get that foil.

  11. You're welcome Brittany :)

    Thanks so much ladies :)

    Erika I cut my nails down but I'm happy with the decision. No more wrestling to get the kiddos in and out of car seats, lol.

  12. i need to find some of these foils!! they r really great..



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