Friday, May 14, 2010

The Marbling Experience

I was confined to the house today waiting for the phone company to make a repair. They gave a crazy window time of 8am to 8pm. So with all the time on my hands I decided to a attempt a marbled design. I tried marbling once before but it was a complete disaster. I used a styrofoam bowl and it leaked half-way through the process and left polish all over the kitchen table. This time I was prepared and used a plastic tablecloth folded over and plastic disposable cups.

The first few nails came out great but after awhile the polish wouldn’t spread. So I decided to get a fresh cup of water and what would you know another hole. The water spilled everywhere again. It seems the polish that drops to the bottom of the cup somehow eats holes into the cup. I didn’t realize the hole was there until I lifted it and a big spill occurred. It was sort of scary to see polish in action like that. I wondered what type of chemical it has in it. Maybe that’s why polish doesn’t come in plastic bottles.

Any who, I made a fresh cup of warm water and doubled the cups this time. So I’m moving along at a good pace and then the brush fell out of the polish handle into the water, lol. So I quickly dipped my hand into the water to save the brush and ruined two of the marbled nails. Now I had to start all over again. I know this process has to be a lot smoother for ladies that marble all the time. Maybe it’s just a learning curve. After all the fuss, the nails came out great but I don’t know if I can commit that much time to marbling again.

The marbling colors I used are: Peony, Live and Funky Dunky. I used Savvy as a base color but I should have used Peony instead. Live is by L.A. Colors and is one of my favorites! It’s great for just about everything: konading, marbling and adding glam to any manicure.


  1. WOWZAS...those are freakin' perfection in marbling!!! I have tried it a couple of times and it can be a pain. I can't get mine as uniform as you have yours. That color combo is wonderful.

  2. Thanks Taki. I had to remove a few of them and start all over again. It's fustrating but I guess it's worth it.

  3. Yea I think they looked fantastic too... If you persevere I am sure you'll do them in no time in the future :)

  4. despite your troubles, they still look great!

  5. Thanks Emma and Martian. I think I'll get faster with practice.

  6. Thanks Another Bottle of Polish :)

  7. Your nails are awesome! i would be very much delighted if you can teach us how to have that marble affect on nails. :D thanks!



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