Monday, May 24, 2010

I Want My Nails Painted Too

I think I'm turning my girls into little nail polish fanatics. The other day we went to Dollar General with hubby to buy packing tape. Of course I saw this as an opportunity to check out their polish selection. We'll Lizzy, my 2 year old, wanted to hold the Poshe top coat. I tried to bribe her and swap it out for pink baby bracelets but she wasn't having it. So we let her hold it and she left with it tucked safely away in a bag that only she could carry.

My 7 year old is a little manicure perfectionist and she surprises me everyday. Every time I do her mani's she tells me where and how to clean up, lol. I think her favorite color is red but I usually try to persuade her to pick pastels instead. Here is the star mani she just had to have. After I finished she told me "Mom. I must say, not bad with the nail polish".



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