Sunday, November 22, 2015

Disney Cinderella Makeup Collection - Holiday 2015

Hi beauties! I stumbled upon the Disney Cinderella Collection today at WAG's and I'm in love! 

Lately different Disney Collections have been released at Walgreen's every couple of months. I wasn't expecting this one when I walked in, but I was pleasantly surprised. Sometimes there are several beauty books, but I only saw one in this collection.  

The Cinderella book contained several blue shadows (of course). I usually don't wear blue eye shadow, but I figured I'd venture outside of my comfort zone and try something new. The shadows went on smoothly. They are not as soft as higher end shadows, but they get the job done. The only one I had a problem with was the brown, my brush couldn't seem to pick it up. 

There is no highlighter in the lineup, so I used the pink shimmer shadow as a highlighter along with the pretty blushes. 

Arm swatches of the palette!

There were several polishes to choose from. Many were pastel themed or similar to others I already have. The white glitter is to die for, but I passed because it reminded me of someone I used to know!  I settled for one of the mini collections because it had the pretty duochrome (I wasn't sure I would like it at the time). 
Here are some mini swatches of the collection. 

Wicked Stepmother has a blue/grey jelly base with glitter throughout.  Cinderelly, Cinderelly is a mild duochrome. 

Magical Carriage is your popular muted purple and Oh, That Clock! is a cool toned gold shimmer. 

There were 2 lippies in the collection, the colors are okay, but I just couldn't pass on the packaging. Both were semi-gloss with a slight alcoholic smell.  The pink will suit most skin tones but I'll have to wear a liner with the light pink/mauve creme. 

Last but not least is the eyeshadow palette, a pleasant surprise. The packaging is gorgeous but the quality is hit or miss. The shimmers had the best payoff, but it's still worth the $15 price tag for packaging alone in my opinion. 

Overall I love the collection. The packaging is gorgeous! These would be great gifts for the Disney lover.   

Check out the video for full swatches of the eye shadow palette. 

The Cinderella Collection is available now at Walgreen's. 

Pricing: Beauty Book $9.99, Mini Polish Set $10.99, Lipstick $2.99, Eyeshadow Palette $14.99

There were several other items available: glitter liners, makeup bags, blushes, etc.  I passed, but I may go back and purchase the clock blush :)

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