Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and Xtreme Wear Fall 2013 - Swatches and Review

Hello lovelies! Today I have swatches from Sally Hansen's Fall Collection to share with you. I'm not sure if they're exclusive to Walgreen's but that's where I found them. And the best thing about it, they were BOGO 50% off! The Insta-Dri's didn't ring up on sale, but it's noted on the display so the manager honored it (50% off the regular price of $4.99).  The Xtreme Wears were on sale for $1.99.

There was also a mention of the Rent The Runway Sweepstakes on the display, where you can enter to win a 1 year supply of Sally Hansen nail polish  Wouldn't that be great! You can enter by going to Sally Hansen's Facebook page.

Anyway's on to the swatches. For the Insta-Dri's there is a collection of 8 foil polishes, which I only purchased six. I left behind a red and green I believe I may have dupes of. For the swatches,  I tried something different this time and included a swatch of a similar polish on my pinky finger.

Style Steel - Frosted caramel foil with reflections of pink. It looks more textured in person as if there's gritty pink sprinkles throughout.  Gorgeous 1 coater. My pinky is sporting OPI Pros & Bronze. 

Chop Chop Copper - Very thin copper foil. I'm wearing 3 coats and it was still sheer. OPI Pros & Bronze on the pinky again.

Pink Fast - I just loved this color in the bottle but didn't realize I already had a dupe.  Pinky finger Color Club Hot Like Lava.

Currant Trend - Magenta shimmer, not quite a foil. Lovely 3 coater. Pinky finger Klean Colors Metallic Fuchsia. 

No S-pear Time.  My least favorite from the collection. It reminds me of Christmas wrapping paper. Pinky finger Klean Colors Metallic Green. 

Quick Jean-ius. Gorgeous cobalt blue foil. Pinky finger Color Club Cold Metal.

For the Xtreme Wear collection, I only purchased 2 from the set. Yes. I'm surprised as well. I was really excited to see all of the shimmering glitters but upon closer inspection many of them felt dupe-y to me.   I could be wrong, but it just felt like I've seen them all before (think Deborah Lippmann Today Was A Fairytale, Boom Boom Pow, Revlon Sequins, Connect the Dots, and so on...).

Confetti Punch - medium dark blue hex glitter, medium light blue/green glitter, small pink glitter and pink micro glitter. I wish it was more dense but who can complain for 2 bucks. I applied 2 coats over Pink Fast.

 Confetti Cake - I thought this was the prettiest and most interesting from the bunch. Large black glitter, medium blue, navy and pink glitter, small pink glitter, pink micro-glitter. I may be missing a glitter or 2, LOL. Whatever the case, I love the mix and its my favorite from the 2 new lines. I applied 2 coats over Currant Trend.

Overall I think the X-treme Wears are a great and inexpensive way to slay your glitter craving. I just wish there were more unique combinations.  So many of them looked familiar to me.  I may go back and get the red/white and green/white glitter combos, but the others are pretty dupe-y in my opinion.

The color pay off with the Insta-Dri's is great and most of them only needed 1 coat, so you know what that means....they'll be great for stamping! The only 2 that gave me a little trouble was Chop Chop Copper. I believe it could be a 4 coater? I stopped at 3 and my nails were still see through. The other multi-coater was Currant Trend 3 coater? I stopped at 2.

I was so excited to find the new collections but I must admit I was a little disappointed to discover I had so many dupes. Overall I think the Insta-Dri's would be a great addition for anyone who loves foils or nail stamping. The glitters are just fun to play with and will make many glitter lovers happy :)

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  1. these look great! Im headed to my local walgreens to check it out. I hope they have this collection. Thanks for the swatches!



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