Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hard Candy Candy Sprinkles Spring 2013 Collection - Swatches and Review

Hello Beauties! Today I have the new Hard Candy "Candy Sprinkles" Collection to share with you. I initially panicked when I couldn't locate these at the first Wal-Mart I went to. But I was thrilled to find them closer to home. The set comes with 9 glitter polishes (oops 1 is not featured above), but you'll find it below. For all of the polishes, I used 1 base coat and 2 coats of the Sprinkle polish. 

Sweet Tooth - Pale milky blue base packed with blue, pink and white mini glitter.  I used 2 coats over a blue base (Nina Pro In A Tiff). I was initially going to use the polish alone but the formula on this one was quite thin. 

Sugar Rush - milky white base with black, white and silver mini glitter.  Thicker formula than Sweet Tooth. 

Cocoa Smore - grey/beige (greige) base loaded with black, white and silver glitter. 

Jelly Bean Blue - another pale blue base but not as sheer as Sweet Tooth. This was a surprise favorite. It's loaded with blue and black glitter. A simple combination but I found it more interesting than Sweet Tooth. 

Pixie Pink -  Another surprise favorite and the sister polish to Sweet Tooth. They share the same glitter combination (blue, pink and white), but have a different base color. Pixie has a pale milky pink base.

Cotton Candy Pink - the name describes the base color well but I was surprised to find black glitter in it. Its also loaded with silver glitter which appears white in the milky base. 

Pink Taffy - If you know how much I love pink, then you already know this is a favorite of mine. Its loaded with bright pink, black and silver glitter. Very pretty on.

Peach Pop - I thought this was the most interesting and unique of them all. Its loaded with red, orange and gold glitter.  I don't think I owned a peach glitter polish until today, LOL. I think it goes well against my skin tone. 

Gummy Green - an almost mint green. It has a cooler and slightly darker base color, but it still reminds me of mint ice cream. The base glitters are black and silver. There also appears to be white glitter but I can't tell if it's the base color changing the silver to white (which happens a lot with glitter polishes)

I used 2 coats of polish over a chosen base color because the polishes are sheer, in which they usually require at least 3 coats.  They are still beautiful with using a base coat and they still have that jelly/layered effect (glitter peaking through polish effect).  You can also change the color of the polish slightly by using a darker or lighter base color. I'll probably do that with Gummy Green because I want that mint ice-cream look. 

As you can see, there is a variety of colors to choose from. I think it's a good selection but I could have appreciated something totally outside of the box as well.  I love that they used mini glitter, but I guess that's the definition of "sprinkles". Sometimes larger glitter can be overwhelming in certain environments. I think these are mild enough to wear in most situations.   

Overall I'm in love with these mini glitters! Hard Candy has really done their research. I'm super excited, especially since I missed out on Nails Inc Sprinkles. I got 9 polishes for the price of 4 of their polishes.  Speaking of which, these polishes are about half the size of most full sized polishes. It was okay with me because at $4 I can't complain much. 

I'm not sure if these are permanent, but there is a new case added within the Hard Candy Display, so that leads me to believe they are.  The Sprinkles and the other new Hard Candy's are in Wal-Mart Stores now, but will be available online in about one week.  I'll be heading back to Wal-Mart to buy more of the new line(s) soon :)


  1. Love these! Looks like a few of these were inspired by the Nails Inc Sprinkle polishes, which is neat!

    1. I agree. I'm glad HC came out with their version.

  2. These are cute! I love Cocoa Smore! It makes me want hot chocolate :P

  3. These are so dang cute! I need to pick some up.

  4. These are lovely!!
    (and now I want dessert)

  5. all collection is very nice but pinks and blues are soooo cool! :-)

  6. Love them all, really want Gummy Green!

  7. I can't choose a favourite! These are awesome! Cocoa Smore is the most unique, I haven't seen something like it

  8. I knew I wanted all nine of these when I saw them and was able to pick them up last week. I've only worn gummy green so far - they all look amazing on you!

  9. Ooooh! These look a lot like the new Illamasqua nail polishes.

  10. !!!arghhhhhhhh i LOVEEEEEEEEE these colours!
    do you know where can I get these nail colours?



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