Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Week: Scary Pumkins

Dusted off my stamper to make these cute and scary pumpkins. I stamped using Konad White and image plate A37 over Julep orange crackle (Sabrina) and dirty blue (Eloise) combo.  

I tried to sponge the crackle on instead of polishing it on.  It made it look very "industrial".

A quick swatch of Eloise alone. 

All of the contents of the October Box American Beauty Box.  I'm excited to try the Quick Dry Drops. They usually never work for me.  Hopefully these will. 

More Halloween manis to come. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. These are so awesome! they really look spooky :)

    Jazz x

  2. Cute! I love how you used a crackle under the stamping. I love Eloise too! A lovely dusty blue :)

  3. Oh my god! They are very pretty <3 And I love you how showed us the process starting from the full manicure, to the just starting :3



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