Saturday, September 29, 2012

Quick Blog Sale - Indie Polishes

Just a quick blog sale. The rules are the same as the other blog sale. I will hold for 24 hours. Shipping $2.50 for the first polish, $1 each additional polish. Paypal only.  Insurance $1.50. I will mail out within  5 business days.

Email me at girlluvbaby(at)yahoo[dot]com.  Please don't email my enamel girl address because I don't check it as often.  

 All of the polishes are new except two that I swatched on a nail wheel (Absolum and VooDoo).  I'm selling these either at retail or close to what I paid for them.  

Left to right: VooDoo $14, Absolum $12, I Make the Path $12.

Hare MidSummer's Midnight $8, Lush Birthday Cake $8, Pahlish Dark Parades $8.

Thanks for looking!

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