Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gray Color for a Gray Mood

Essence PointBreak was opaque in 2 coats but it only took 1 coat for me to realize I didn't like it. I would love to give this color a good review but it is just so blah to me. I guess I'm affected by the immediate transition, or should I say lack of transition, from Summer to Fall. It was 90 degrees and sunny last week and today there's no sun to be found.

I've been really sad today and this color is not helping at all. I tried to spice it up a bit by adding my favorite, pink, along with a little white for brightness. The weather here has been awful the past few days and DH suggests we move to California to beat the fall blues.........
Speaking of DH, we had to take a trip to the emergency room over the weekend. He had severe abdominal pain which turned out to be a gallstone. Because it was so urgent, I had to take the girls with me and they talked the entire time. I guess after a while it drove DH a little crazy. My oldest daughter felt so bad that when we got home she made him a "Dad Get Better Card". It was the cutest thing I ever saw so I thought I'd share it with you.

In case it didn't come across your screen. She says she hopes he gets better soon and sorry for talking, lol.

..............Here's the outcome of my little experiment. The white and pink helped this color out tremendously.
I also put glitter over the top but I think it was a bit much :(Ulta After Party)
Well that's it for today. I have so much studying to catch up on since I've been managing the girls solo. Until I polish again.........................


  1. thats a gorgeous mani! the white & pink really does brighten it up! and that card was so cute! especially the .. "sorry for talking" - haha. i hope "DH" gets better as well~

  2. that's such a pretty look on ur nails! creative too! ^.^

  3. I actually love that color... but I also dont think I would ever wear it without adding some sort of design or something on top of it

  4. I think the grey is a very pretty color :)

  5. I hope that your husband is feeling much better, soon. My heart just melted when I saw your daughter's card. Awww... How sweet.

    I really like that grey. I must get to Ulta and get a bottle. :D

  6. That card is so sweet. You have a really thoughtful and sensitive daughter! I'm liking the grey on you, and like the stamping even more.

  7. Thanks ladies.

    -Ice Queen thanks for the well wishes :D

    -Mistress Zombie I agree with you.

    -ABOP she is sweet and funny, lol.

  8. awww your little ones are so cute to make that card! hope your man feels better as well daring. Dont forget to take time for you!!! I like the colour... i mean its not a mood booster..... awesome detail.
    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~~~ ~~~~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

  9. Very pretty, I like the color combination grey and pink :)

  10. Super cute! but I think the glitter is alil over the top. By that's just my opinion.

    Anyway you daughter is SUPER sweet and hope your husband gets well soon ;)


  11. That card is the cutest thing EVER! So sweet! I am sorry to hear about your husband....

  12. Don't feel down, this mani is super cute!

  13. I know about the fall blues! I expect mine soon. But we have so many fun things to do with polish to cheer ourselves up! I LOVE grey and Pink together! great choice!

    That note was the best ever. Wee ones have the secret to changing the world for the brighter with a look or a smile or a note like this. :)

  14. Thanks for your sweet comments ladies :)

    -JQ I'm in a much better mood today. I think I was sad because DH was sick and his feelings rubbed off on me. He feels a lot better today so I'm happy and in a better mood of course :)

    -Sweetie, thank you! He's up and about today and I'm so happy =)

    -Nur Kiss Kat I agree, lol.

    -Miss Krimsom thank you! I'm relaxing right now!

  15. I "LOVE" the color gray and this manicure is totally cool. I'm loving the gray and pink together.
    Sorry about your gray mood and hope your husband gets to feeling all better real soon.

  16. awww hope your family takes care... health problems are scary! but i love pink + grey as a combo.. that's my fav!

  17. that card is the cutest!!
    your combo is really great i like grey n pink together!

  18. Hi there! I'm a new follower. I've been looking through your past posts and really love what you do =)

  19. Thanks so much for your sweet comments ladies. I hope you have a great Holiday weekend :)

    -Kitty. Welcome and thanks for following!!!

    -Emy. My daughter is a sweetheart and so funny.

    -Camy. Thank you sooooooooo much for the award!!!



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