Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Couple of NOTD's

I thought I'd share a couple of NOTD's from last week. First up is Nebula by NerdLacquer.

Isn't she amazing!

Next is a Black Knight Franken. I used the recipe by ChalkBoard Nails.

Last but not least. I added a few Fairies using the Red Angel image plates.

I loved wearing both of these manis. I constantly found myself staring at them throughout the day. The glitter is gorgeous but not too distracting for work.

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. OMG your fairy mani is gorgeous! I love it! It fits very well onto that black base. (Since I'm fond of fairies and I should get that plate, I think. <3).
    And that frankenpolish is gorgeous too! loveitloveitloveit!!!

  2. Wow gorgeous! The fairies looks super amazing!!!!!

  3. they all look gorgeous!
    the last one with the faeries is perfect!

  4. Nebula is amazing! You need to stop making me want to order a NerdLacquer polish. :)

  5. wow @ nebula.. and the BK franken looks nicer than the real one!!

  6. Sings at how great you did the Black Knight franken and those fairies are the perfect touch!

  7. OMG the little fairies on Black Knight dupe are to die for!!!!

  8. love the first.



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