Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Mani 2 - Happy Pumpkin

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a great week so far. I should have gotten this up sooner but I had to meet with my daughter's teacher to review her progress in class. It's been a loooong day for me but anyways here's my second Halloween mani.

This is very simple and easy to do. For base colors I used Revlon Tangerine and Essie Marshmallow. Both colors are lovely but I stopped counting coats at 5,
lol. I stamped with the happy pumpkin from Bundle Monster (BM224) then added Uninhibited on top of the orange. Uninhibited is very thick! I made the mistake of using full coverage on the pointer finger. For the others I dabbed the glitter on and you can actually see the orange underneath.

Have a great night and happy polishing!


  1. I did a mani using that stamp too! Lovely overall mani, love the glitter!

  2. Very cute! Gotta love a Halloween nail =)


  3. Very cute! I am loving the polishes you paired together!

  4. Love it! Especially the ring finger :)

  5. Looks very cute! I really like how the pumpkin looks on marshmallow.

  6. Very nice! My BM plates don't always want to work!

  7. Thanks so much ladies!!!

    @Beaux mom. I really like the contrast too. So much better than with bright white.

    @Polish and Charms. I had a little trouble with mine but they worked fine after I gave them a good cleaning with acetone.

  8. beautiful! where can i get that black glitter?!

  9. Thanks Camy!

    @Maria. I purchased it from Cherry Culture online. Unfortunately, it's not sold in my area.



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