Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Essence Nail Art Stampy Kit

So I finally broke open my Essence Kit. I’m probably the last nail fanatic in the world to get my hands on this little jewel.

The images are cute and very similar to the Konad floral designs. They are a little thicker but that's great for beginners because they won’t dry out as fast. Overall it’s a great buy for $3!!!

Here’s the design I came up with. I used Konad M19 for the French tip and each of the 7 floral images.

Images without rhinestones & topcoat.

Top coat


  1. I really love how it looks with those rhinestones!!! Beautiful!!

  2. how did you get the images so well done? it was impossible with what i've tried!

  3. oh wow! pretty :) my images never came off that prettily! haha

  4. Thanks Ladies :)

    YNI I think the biggest tip is to file the stamper before you stamp and make sure you stamp on a dry surface (nail polish is dry before you stamp on it, so it doesn't smear)

  5. I love it!..I have my Konad set, but I would love to try these since they're (soooo much) cheaper!..where can I buy them??

  6. You can but it at the Ulta store or at

  7. pretty and cute i like these ones ive never had nails but if i did these are the ones i would get




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