Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4th of July Nails

It's getting close to the fourth and I wanted to try out a couple of mani's before the big day. The first one below is really easy and was done using American Apparel "Downtown LA" and OPI "Ogre The Top Blue". Simply paint a diagonal line and place foil stars over the line.

The lines don't have to perfect because the stars will cover them. My only complaint is that the star were a little scratchy. The next time I'll apply two 2 top coats instead of one.

I wasn't totally happy with the first mani so I tried Konading. This was fun to do but I had a little trouble with the Konad blue stamping polish. It was really "runny" and the some of the stamps were transparent. I then switched up and used Ogre The Top Blue which worked much better and gave a more opague stamp.

Products Used:
Base - Sally Hansen White On
Blue Stars - Konad Princess Blue & Ogre The Top Blue
Red Stars - Konad Red
Foil Stars - Red & Silver

The thumb is stamped with Ogre The Top Blue and the index finger with Konad blue. Ogre appears to have a little green in it and gave a much better stamp (except the first one on the thumb, but I messed that one up).
Here's the final result and I hope you like it. If you haven't already, please register for my giveaway. Today (June 30th) is the last day! The deadline is 10pm Central Time (US).

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. oooooh I really love the stars...! I'm going have to try that ..! This is really cute.

  2. Thanks Pretty. It was easy to do :)

  3. OH! those are pretty manis! ;)

  4. I love them both but the first one is my favorite. Great job as usual!


  6. Gorgeous nails, i love the 2nd one really pretty.

  7. Awwwwwww, thank you so much ladies for your sweet compliments :)

  8. Very pretty, especially the second one.

  9. Wow! Amazing nails, I love them all!
    & thank you for your sweet comment in my blog ^^

  10. The stars inside the stars are so nice!

  11. I like the red & blue tips - happy july 4th for tomorrow!

  12. I love, love, love the diagonal stars!

  13. I was curious what the glass item is that you hold in all of your photos? Is it just a hand blown glass sphere? It's absolutely gorgeous!!

  14. Thanks so much Beauty! It is glass but I'm not sure if it's blown or not. It's an award from Hubby's work.

  15. That's so cool!! I want to find something like that to take my pics with, it just adds a gorgeous touch. I don't even have a blog, I just take them for me. :-)



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