Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hello Hello Kitty!

Yay!!! My computer is almost fixed and I have lots of pics to share with you all. The simple fixed turned into a week long project that I still haven't completed.

I'll try to post most of my mani's from the last few weeks. First up is Hello Kitty. I received a new plate from a friend (after I lost my old one) and here's what I came up with. I used one of the new Wet N Wild jelly polishes, Bubble Yum Gum. A very cute name that suits a very cute polish.


  1. How cute! Love the way you did the polka dots.

  2. kitty-licious!!! so prettyyyyyy

  3. these are so sweet! the dots are a nice touch :)

  4. Thanks Thriszha, Emma and Courtney!!!

    The dots helped hide imperfections.

  5. :D awesome!! did you outline the head yourself? or does it automaticcal do that wen u stamp? lol! i'm just in awe!

  6. omg!! ILOVEIT! hhe. i love hello kitty and pink! nice one.



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